Social stories: Saying goodbye

Here’s another example of a social story.  Last year Ryan went through a big change at school, so I tried to prepare him for the changes and let him know that while some things would be changing, others would be exactly the same.

Saying goodbye

When I was in Grade Primary, Mrs. Wallace was my Learning Centre teacher. She was lots of fun.

Then I said good-bye to Mrs. Wallace and Ms. Choyce came to the Learning Centre. She was great too and we had lots of fun together, like during the Olympics when we put up flags from countries and cities all over the world.

I learned a lot from Ms. Choyce. We did different activities every week and I learned about breathing and being a good friend. I even did yoga, which I’m going to do with my Mom and little brother over the summer.

Next year when I come back to school, I will have another new Learning Centre teacher. Her name is Mrs. Paul. Ms. Choyce is going to a new school closer to her house.

Sometimes, when I think of something changing, or someone leaving, I feel sad. But it’s like when Mommy goes away on business trips, it feels upsetting at first, but once it happens I realize I’m okay.

Saying good-bye to Ms. Choyce may feel sad, but if I miss her, I can look at this picture and remember the fun we had together. I can even send Ms. Choyce a note on email if I need to talk to her. I can also hug the teddy, since he is staying in the Learning Centre to keep me company next year.


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