Autism conference coming up in Halifax

A friend in our Asperger’s parents network recently mentioned an Autism Conference for parents and professionals that’s taking place in Halifax on April 15 and 16th.

The conference is one of several taking place across the country, organized by the Autism Awareness Centre Inc. I had never heard of the group but one of the parents mentioned it at our last meeting and I’ve now signed up for their eNewsletter.

I personally don’t know much about the event speakers, Dr. Jed Baker and Dr. Lori Ernsperger but the workshop titles and descriptions definitely caught my interest.

Let me know if you’re aware of their work and if you’re planning to attend!


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4 responses to “Autism conference coming up in Halifax

  1. Liz Joyce

    Yes, I’ve signed up. It is definitely takes the business approach — not cheap, but the workshops look valuable. Looks like there will be a lot of books for sale …

  2. Sonia

    Hello everyone!

    When I heard of this presentation, I brought the information to a parent group that me and Steve were attending back in the fall, and showed it to our facilitators; two Drs with the autism team at the IWK Center.

    They both knew or had heard about Dr Baker and strongly suggested us to attend his presentation. They didn’t know about Dr Ernsperger though. They both wanted to attend the April 15th presentation.

    Dr Baker’s presentaion is tittled “Avoiding meltdowns” and in our family it is all about avoiding meltdowns!! I have allready registered and hope that it will give us more tools to help our family deal with some escalading episodes home!


    • Anne-Marie

      Did you register for both days Sonia? I’m going to register us as well. Thx again for sharing the info.

      • Sonia

        No Anne-Marie. I just registered for friday. I thought it was enough money!! And by the feedback I got for Dr Baker, I thought it would be worth it.

        Enjoy th March break!

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