The Asperger’s Advantage

There’s a really lovely article on the St. John’s Telegram website right now about a young man who has ‘The Asperger’s Advantage.’ I loved the title of the article so much I wanted to post a link to it on our blog. It’s written by Krysta Colbourne of the Grand Falls-Windsor Advertiser and you can find it here.

I’ve been reading Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures this week and this article is a perfect example a common theme in her writing: people on the spectrum using their special interests to develop a career. This theme is shared by other authors like John Elder Robison – whose new book Be Different is going to be on my bedside table soon.

They all possess  what I’m now going to call The Asperger’s Advantage – interests that they nurture and develop long after us neurotypicals have moved on to the next thing. A great life lesson about what we can learn from one another’s strengths.


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2 responses to “The Asperger’s Advantage

  1. Sonia

    Thank you Anne-Marie for this article!

    This gives me just the push I needed. I’ve lately started to realise that we need to push these kids…we need to push them in doing what they truly love. So that their obssessions become good things to us, because usually these obssessions are not fun for most of us!

    What is interesting after saying this, is that it is the same approach that we use with our son, who does not have a diagnosis…why should it be different for his sister who has Aspergers? It seems like the diagnosis gives you the false sense of “Well she’s different…” But in the truth, we don’t know what her life will be, we don’t know what she can and can’t do either!

    But she has that “advantage”. I hope we can all help our kids find that advantage…and I will be reading “Thinking in pictures” this month! It will be my treat to myself.

    Take care!

    • Anne-Marie

      Hi Sonia,
      Thanks for the reply. Just got back from a great week in Cape Breton where we watched Ryan’s latest obsession – drawing with great interest. I couldn’t agree with you more: we need to gently push our kids to push their own boundaries. Two years ago skating was a disaster for Ryan. This year we decided to give it one last try and now he’s getting the hang of it. The skating is almost irrelevant, what counts is the fact that we can point to him and say ‘See, you thought you couldn’t do this, and you could! And it feels great!”
      Always love getting your comments. See you later this week. Anne-Marie

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