Here’s a sample checklist for the curious…

Thanks to everyone who commented on my recent post about how checklists are making life a little easier around our household. A few of you asked for a copy of the checklist, so here’s the morning routine. Bedtime available as well (fyi – I’m using ‘Go to the can’ instead of ‘Use the washroom’ because it’s language the boys like and therefore will respond to!)

Each item has a corresponding box to check off, I just couldn’t reproduce it in the blog.

The Kirby Morning Routine

*all times approximate

 6:00 – 6:30                 Wake Up

  • Go to the can                                                   
  • Wash hands                                                     
  • Make bed                                                         

6:30 – 7:00                 Choice time                                                                          

  • Reading in office
  • Play with Euan
  • Other…

7:00 am                      Breakfast

  • Eat breakfast                                                    
  • Bring dishes to counter when finished           

 7:30 – 8:00                 Choice time

  • Reading at table
  • Play with Euan                                                                                  
  • Other…

 8:00 am                      Get ready for school

  • Get dressed (see list on dresser)                    
  • Brush teeth (see list above sink)                    

 8:20 am                      Get dressed to leave for school

  • See list above coat rack                                  

8:30 am                      Walk to school






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